Advertising with a Twist: Use a Billboard Truck in San Francisco

Every company is unique in its own way because the staff, managers, and owners make it different from all the others that offer the same or similar services. With your company being different from the rest, why do you want to use the same traditional advertising methods as everyone else? To answer this question, you should not be using outdated ways when it comes to marketing your business because people are so exhausted from seeing the same advertisements again that they block them out. When you turn to ECM, you will understand how using a billboard truck in San Francisco will benefit your business. We have provided some examples of ways you can use our mobile billboard truck below.

The Rollout of New Products

Whenever you are launching new products for your business or adding something new to your menu, you need to make the public aware. Otherwise, your new product or item will not have the desired success you want. Whether you are advertising the specific date of an upcoming release or you want to market the newly added items on your menu for your restaurant, a billboard truck in San Francisco is the way to go. Our drivers will target specific areas where your customers are located so you can make your target audience aware of your new products.

Mobile Billboard Advertising Planet Fitness

Upcoming Sales and Promotions

Whether your company has a sale for the upcoming holidays or you want to promote a deal for a specific event, you can customize your advertisement for a billboard truck in San Francisco when you turn to our team. We make it easy for you to design your ad and make changes if you wish to extend the sale.

By taking your advertisement directly to your customers with custom routes, you will be able to track the results of your campaign with a tracked phone number. Our goal is to help you promote your business or event by bringing awareness to it with increased visibility.

Schedule a consultation with our creative team to discuss having a billboard truck in San Francisco promote your business when you dial (253) 350-0804 right now.