About Us and Why We Are Here

The idea of ECM was born from two Seattle advertising professionals who recognized the need for an active, engaging outdoor advertising medium. ECM was founded back in 2001 and is still owned and operated by one of the original partners, Mike Bale, the company president.

Old-world billboards with “cement shoes” are found everywhere. ECM was created to bring outdoor advertisers a better option for promoting their products and company. Flexibility and mobility are the keys to our company’s success and the success of your advertisement campaign. With our mobile billboard truck advertising service, we will serve you, impress you, and give you tangible results—we have no boundaries.


  • Mobility is key, so let us know how and where we can serve you, and we'll bend over backward to exceed your expectations. 
  • Plan a day or a month of activities for your mobile advertising billboard. It's far more effective than having a billboard that stays in one place all day. No cement shoes here! 
  • Take your billboard advertising in Sacramento, CA, and other major cities directly to your audience with a strategically targeted "in your face" driving route.

We're Eye-Catching

  • We combine sight, sound, motion, and mobility to give you a multidimensional advertising medium.
  • Stationary billboards can't offer the kind of brand awareness that our mobile billboards do. You get audience engagement with great tunes on the sound system in the truck and optional product sampling. Provide your samples and your music; we take care of the rest.
  • Mobile billboard advertising is a refreshing way for marketers to brand products and stay memorable. We can be anywhere at any time.

Billboard Features

  • Mobile billboards are exciting and modern, using state-of-the-art technology and monopole construction.
  • Clear, beautiful, life-like images are created using inkjet or MMT computer-controlled printing technology.
  • Images are printed on weather-resistant elastic vinyl that resists wear and tear.
  • Mobile billboards attract viewers in high-profile locations.
  • Mobile advertising boosts your product's image and creates a memorable impression.

Motion Increases Sales

Product Acceptance and Research, Inc. conducted a study for the beer industry. They looked at beer sales where there was no point-of-purchase display, where there was a static display, and where there was a motion display (a rotating sign). Sales at sites with the static display increased by 56%, while sales at sites with the motion display increased by an amazing 107%. ECM can effectively sell your product with our mobile billboard advertising.

Connect with our team to discuss billboard trucks in Los Angeles or another major city by calling (253) 350-0804 right now.